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Hilary has been a Reiki Master and Healer for over 20 years and in the field of self development for over 25 years. She is also a Reiki Teacher providing authentic, traditional Reiki courses, providing an exciting start to a personal journey into Reiki and spiritual awareness. She channels not only Reiki but Archangels and powerful higher energies to help you to move through blockages and issues fast and therefore move on in your life, to become happier, more focused, peaceful and abundant.



As a Reiki Master and Healer, Hilary has helped thousands of clients over the last 20 years. As well as offering Reiki Treatments, Chakra Balancing with the Deeper Reiki Treatments, Hilary also offers Transformational Healing. For transformation to occur, she uses profound healing techniques which enable the release of core energies that may have stagnated or become stuck. Repeated patterns, sabotage, shock, panic, anxiety, depression, emotional problems and negativity are all a sign that the body is not aligned on an energetic level. You may have an issue in a relationship related problems either at home or at work, or be struggling with a bereavement, feeling under pressure or just unhappy with your life or unable to cope. All of these issues can prevent you from moving on, and cause fatigue, stagnation, a myriad of physical symptoms, as well as overwhelm and frustration. By helping to clear and release the root of these issues, Hilary can help you to feel more focused, clear headed, lighter and happier. These positive experiences and feelings are all signs that the body is working in alignment with its soul's truth and that you are on your 'right' path. The Law of Attraction can kick in and you will start to attract success, synchronicity and a feeling of joy, with new opportunities, relationships and work you love and feel fulfilled by. Click here to see Hilary's Testimonials. She has also helped thousands of people with issues such as bereavement, overwhelm, lack of focus, abuse, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, panic, fatigue, stress, work and relationships problems.


Hilary also practices Holistic Counselling, Life Coaching, NLP and is one of the UK's most experienced Nutritionist's. She has helped over 7,000 thousand people to look and feel amazing, to breakthrough blocks and transform their life, health and wellbeing. 


As a Nutritionist, practicing for over 20 years, Hilary has a vast experience of helping health problems such as IBS, skin conditions, stomach pains, bloating, headaches, depression, hormonal imbalances as well as helping the underlying causes of infertility to raise fertility. Hilary has also been a speaker at Coping With Cancer helping to impower people with nutritional choices in her talks.


Emotions, fears, upset and stress can all impact the physical body leading to potential health problems such as IBS, PMS, headaches, bloating, weight loss, anorexia, bulimia, weight gain, depression, joint pain, back ache, sinus problems and chest infections. These symptoms can frequently be found to come from emotional or stress related states. It has been well documented that stress is a leading cause of physical health problems and contributes to depression, fatigue, mental & physical exhaustion. Reiki can help to restore the natural balance in your body and and Transformational Healing can help to release the root causes.

Hilary has also been in the national press and quoted in many womens magazines and has been a guest speaker on the Radio many times and on the TV. Over the years, she has had many high profile and celebrity clients and helped with Reiki internationally for members of an overseas royal family.


Hilary first came upon Reiki for herself and quickly realised that it could help the underlying stress which was causing alot of her clients ongoing health concerns. She now uses both Reiki and Nutrition to help people.


In short, Hilary has made it her life's work to help other people to become healthier, more peaceful, empowered and happier. Hilary has hundreds of testimonials and has been an inspiration in many peoples’ lives and healed many people's problems and health concerns. See her Testimonials Here


Her commitment is to help you get to where you want to be, as quickly as possible. She is not about long, drawn out sessions for ever and ever but about transformation and change so that you can be the best of yourself and shine in the world. You may be wanting to get back to be your 'old self' after a particularly traumatic time or wanting to  change things in your life, as different things have become important. Whatever the reason, the Universe wants to help you and Hilary is the channel to help manifest that transformation and change with you.


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