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Sometimes, out of crisis, such as this, comes a new way, a healing for the whole planet, a reboot into the 'new age' we have been waiting for. 2020 was always going to be about change but no one imagined it would be like this, and my heart goes out to all those ill and suffering - we are sending you healing light. 


This is a time to become present, to be still, and find our inner self, our true self. Amongst the chaos, we can still find strength and stillness within ourselves. The Universe has brought this situation to us, and it crosses all nationalities, religions, race and affects both the rich and the poor. Indeed, it makes us appreciate what it is to be 'rich'. In times like these, we appreciate our families and loved ones and this brings us a richness, as we realise what is important to us. We also begin to get insights into our patterns, negative & positive, as we learn to do things differently and see who we are really being. We also start to appreciate the still moments again.


I am passionate about us all releasing 'blockages' and releasing our karma and the past that no longer serves us, and although this situation has been forced upon the world, it is one very large releasing exercise from the Universe. 
I think, probably, that the Universe knew we couldn't go on as we were, on the old vibration and so it is jolting us out of our old lives and into a new way of being. The planet is realigning to a new energy - we can never go back in our consciousness to before this happened. We can, though, take the lessons and move forward into this new planetary shift. Now more than ever, the Universe is wanting people to learn Reiki and become empowered with the energy of the Universe on a daily basis. This causes a ripple effect around the globe, not only in our own communities but worldwide.
You may wish to go on to learn Reiki and we have an amazingly powerful series of Reiki Courses that are based on the original teachings of the founder of Reiki and are based on accessing the transformational energies of the Universe. With audios, that bring through healing energy, and comprehensive manuals, you will be able to access the healing power of Reiki immediately.
Start with Reiki 1, which is a complete guide to working with energy and how to channel energy. I wrote these Reiki courses to bring you an authentic guide to Reiki and an understanding about energy and how to tap into it, utilising all the research and knowledge that I have gained over the years.

Hilary has also been in the national press and quoted in many womens magazines and has been a guest speaker on the Radio many times and on the TV. Over the years, she has had many high profile and celebrity clients and helped with Reiki internationally for members of an overseas royal family.


Hilary first came upon Reiki for herself and quickly realised that it could help the underlying stress which was causing alot of her clients ongoing health concerns. She now uses both Reiki and Nutrition to help people.


In short, Hilary has made it her life's work to help other people to become healthier, more peaceful, empowered and happier. Hilary has hundreds of testimonials and has been an inspiration in many peoples’ lives and healed many people's problems and health concerns. See her Testimonials Here


Her commitment is to help you get to where you want to be, as quickly as possible. She is not about long, drawn out sessions for ever and ever but about transformation and change so that you can be the best of yourself and shine in the world. You may be wanting to get back to be your 'old self' after a particularly traumatic time or wanting to  change things in your life, as different things have become important. Whatever the reason, the Universe wants to help you and Hilary is the channel to help manifest that transformation and change with you.


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