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Reiki Healing

£45.00 - 35 minutes

This is available, however Hilary specialises in more indepth treatments - see below

Chakra Balancing Treatment

£65.00 - 45 minutes

This can be a good introductory Reiki treatment. Many people have Chakra Balancing for the first time and they are completely out of balance, which goes hand in hand with feeling odd health symptoms and lacking in focus in their life. Hilary can identify which chakras are out of balance and rebalance the chakras. As they open more fully, you can start to receive more positive energy in your life. Chakra Balancing is available as a full stand alone treatment or as part of a Deeper Reiki Treatment or Transformational Reiki Healing.


Deeper Reiki Treatment with Aura Clearing & Chakra Balancing 

£65.00 - 45 minutes

Reiki plus an Aura Clearing, Chakra Rebalancing & an introduction to higher energies. Includes a focused release of blockages and past patterns. It may include those patterns set up in childhood that can influence your life in the present day or a release of emotional blocks from more recent events that are preventing you from achieving the success you wish for in your life. Whatever you store in the aura will manifest in your life, so by releasing the past, new possibilities can start to enter your present and future. This brings fresh, new opportunities that resonate deeply with you and make you feel good, happier and more fulfilled.


Indepth Transformational Reiki Healing 

£95.00 - 60 minutes

This is powerful healing session to help you release any issues or concerns that are affecting your day to day performance or ability to cope and will help to bring transformation into your life. This is the start of your shift to a higher level. It involves channelling Reiki as well as other higher energies that are appropriate for you, such as Archangels, Angelic Light, Ascended Masters, Goddess energies & Amida Buddha. It will bring you the healing that you require to move on in your life. It also includes Aura Healing + Clearing & Rebalancing your Chakras + Releasing Indepth Blockages and Old Patterns. 


Transformational Reiki Healing Treatment with Holistic Counselling 

(for a specific concern such as Relationship problems, Heartache, Sadness, Bereavement, Miscarriage, Burnout, Chronic Fatigue)

£125.00 - 75 minutes

This session is for those who are looking for an empathetic yet powerful treatment when life has been tough or you have experienced certain circumstances. The combination of Indepth Transformational Healing with some Holistic Counselling offers the safe space in which to identify and release any emotional blockages so that you may heal from the inside out. A powerful shift can happen when you are open to change and ask for it. This treatment helps you to identify the root of the problem so that the healing can come to release and clear you so that you can attract new opportunities into your life.

This is designed as a stand alone treatment or has proven to be extremely successful as a regular weekly or monthly treatment to get you back into a place of empowerment and move you forward in your life. 


Holistic Counselling 

£65.00 - 45 minutes

Holstic Counselling is a holistic approach to the issue or concern which you are presenting. The aim is for you to talk through the issue to clarify the root causes and so that you may then have one of the Reiki treatments at some point to help you 'lift' or release and heal the factors contributing to your issue or concerns.


Reiki with Nutrition 

£125.00 - 75 minutes

Hilary is one of the top Nutritionists in the UK and has helped over 8,000 people successfully who had IBS, severe skin problems, stress related health concerns, anxiety, depression, diarrhoea, consipation, etc. The reason she started doing Reiki was to help her Nutrition clients. This treatment is not a full Nutrition Consultation as this is very indepth and could be booked seperately (£95 online). It will, however, bring in all the relevant factors to help you understand your health concern and look at its root causes at a core level. Combining Reiki and Nutrition can help both your physical and energetic body to heal, rebalancing it on many levels.


Transformational Life Coaching

£65.00 - 45 minutes


Transformational Life Coaching with Reiki Healing

£95.00 - 60 minutes


Cuppa & Card Reading

£45.00 - 45 minutes

Appointment Cancellation Charges: 


a. If a client wishes to cancel a treatment without incurring a charge, the client must provide the consultant with not less than 48 hours prior notice or reschedule the consultation.

b. If the client cancels the treatment by providing 24-48 hours prior notice to the consultant and does not reschedule, a 50% fee will be levied less invoice charges if applicable.

c. If the client cancels the treatment and provides the consultant with less than 24 hours prior notice and does not reschedule the treatment, then a 100% fee will be levied.


Please note that all Skype/phone treatment MUST be paid 48 hours prior to the time of the commencement of the treatment - an invoice will be sent to your email address. You can pay this by PayPal, Debit Card, Credit Card or bank transfer.

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