Terms & Conditions

1. Reiki-Healer, Hilary Kingston hereinafter referred to as 'The Clinic' offers a wellness service only and is not a diagnostic service.

2. As such, the services offered by The Clinic do not replace the professional care that you receive from your GP and other Medical Doctors or Consultants/Surgeons.

3. The Clinic recommends that you seek the advice of your Medical Doctor for any medical problems that you have or may suspect you have or that may have been highlighted as a result of information obtained from The Clinic, its printed material or its website.

4. The services of The Clinic are for information and educational purposes only and The Clinic shall not be held responsible for any damages occuring as a result of the use of information.  The Clinic, its literature, documents, website and information is not a substitute for your Medical Doctors diagnosis or advice.

5. The Clinic shall not be held responsible for the loss, non delivery or misdirection of material, test results, information, mail or any physical or electronic document or material being carried by a third party.

6. Any products and services mentioned by The Clinic, its website, documentation and literature should only be used after taking advice from a Professional Health Advisor, your GP or Consulting Physician.

7. The Clinic does not prescribe or dispense any prescription drugs nor are its products and services a substitute for your doctor's care and prescribed therapy for the treatment of disease.

8. The Clinic, its website nor any of its promotional material make health claims with regard to any product or service offered. 

9. Any testimonials, product claims, therapy claims made by suppliers, manufacturers, individuals and/or clients of this clinic are based on his, her or their personal experience only. The clinic, its website and its owners and managers disclaim all liability for such claims that may be made.

10. By registering as a client of the clinic, you hereby agree that you have read and understood this document. You will be asked to sign based on this on your Registration Form.

11. Payment Terms: All fees and any additional charges for supplements, tests or other products supplied or ordered on your behalf are payable on demand, or at the end of each consultation.  Cheques are accepted if supported by cheque guarantee card.  Cheques are to be made payable to Hilary Kingston. Telephone Consultations are on a prepaid basis only.

12. Appointment Cancellation Charges: 

a. If a client wishes to cancel a consultation without incurring a charge, the client must provide the consultant with not less than 48 hours prior notice or reschedule the consultation.

b. If the client cancels the consultation by providing 24-48 hours prior notice to the consultant and does not reschedule, a 50% fee will be levied.

c. If the client cancels the consultation and provides the consultant with less than 24 hours prior notice and does not reschedule the consultation, then a 100% fee will be levied.

13. In the event of severe disruption to road, rail, air or ferry transportation due to adverse weather conditions, civil commotion, strikes etc. no cancellation charges will apply.  The clinic reserves the right to cancel appointments due to adverse weather or disruption of transportation.

14. The Clinic reserves the right to amend any aspect of its fees, charges, terms and conditions of trade at any time. Details of any such changes are available on request.

15. Privacy Statement. The Clinic hereby confirms, commits and guarantees to ensure the privacy of all information that you provide. All information you share with The Clinic, its consultants and staff is kept strictly private and confidential. The Clinic shall remain the sole owner, possessor and collector of the information supplied by you. This information is used only to provide the best possible assistance to you.  Any information supplied to The Clinic by you at consultations, via the telephone, e-mail, and letter or collected from a response to our website shall form part of this privacy statement.

16. The Clinic hereby guarantees that it will not disclose, rent, sell or loan personal information to any third party unless authorised by you in writing to an officer of The Clinic, or if ordered to do so under law by an order of a Court of Law in England.

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