Reiki Master Course

The next step, after Reiki 2, is the Reiki Master Course. A Reiki Master will become more highly attuned with the introduction of the 4th symbol and its powerful properties & meanings. Once you have been attuned to the symbol, you will learn more techniques enabling you to increase your intuitive powers and healing capabilities. Being a Reiki Master means that you may go on to use scanning techniques in more depth and with ease and you are preparing to potentially become a Teacher yourself or you may juist want to become a Reiki Master for your own healing or those of your clients. Once you have done the Reiki Master Course you will be on your way to becoming a profound Healer. Once you have completed the Reiki Master course, you are then ready to teach Reiki to students if you wish.

Some of the techniques included in the Reiki Master Course are below, however the Reiki Master course is a very comprehensive course and a full manual will be provided. You must show evidence of doing Reiki 1 & 2 before doing this course. 

  • How to perform all the Reiki Attunements
  • How to perform Reiju Empowerments
  • How to teach Traditional Reiki Exercises
  • Understanding of the Symbols at Master Level
  • Introduction to Connecting to the Masters
  • Tibetan Symbols and their meaning and usage
  • Advanced Self Healing Techniques
  • Master Level Self Empowerments
  • Practical & Theory 

Reiki Master & Teacher Course in Leicestershire and Rutland

Profesional Comprehensive Reiki Master Manual Included


Reiki Master and Teacher Level - Individual £475 - 1 Day Course

Reiki Master and Teacher Level - Group of 2 - £395 per person

Deposit £150


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