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Due to the Corona Virus, Covid 19, all Reiki Courses are being done virtually 121. In other words, Hilary can teach you remotely 121, just as she would have done in person, you just need your computor and Skype.


Unfortunately, she can not teach groups remotely. Please note that the Attunements and Reiju Empowerments will work just the same as in person.


We are also devising Online Reiki Courses at a discounted rate, to help as many people as possible to learn Reiki, at this exceptional time.


If you would like details of these online Reiki Courses, please contact us at:

“You are a unique and wonderful person, capable of so much in the world and Reiki can help to bring your souls truth closer."

Hilary Kingston, Reiki Master & Teacher

With over 18 years experience as a Reiki Master & Healer,  I have been led to pass on my expertise and to increase the amount of people learning Reiki. The Reiki Courses taught by me are from the authentic Japanese Reiki which Dr. Mikao Usui taught his students. You will be attuned to Reiki and learn all about Reiki so that you can straightaway start channelling Reiki for yourself and others. You will learn self healing methods and how to give Reiki treatments to others. As well as this, you will receive a Reiju Empowerment, a blessing to open you up to the Universal energies of unconditional love & light. You will also be able to tap into the powerful weekly Reiju Empowerments that are brought to you remotely, by me, every week. You simply sit in the energy of the Reiju Empowerment to receive your weekly blessing from the Universe via myself as your Reiki Master, just as Usui did for his students. These Reiju Empowerments are particularly powerful at the moment as they are helping the vibration of our energy to change. By doing this, you will join a collective of like minded people who also receive the Reiju Empowerment weekly.


Reiki can help you on so many levels, especially in these exceptional times. Experience the healing energies of Reiki, with its relaxation and calmness, bringing you into focus which can help you in the days ahead. Learn to integrate Reiki into your life in any of the ways we offer, you do not need any other previous training for our Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2 and Reiki Master courses - just the willingness to learn and be open to new possibilities in your life.


You will become connected to the Universal power of Reiki straightaway in Reiki 1. You will learn techniques for opening your energy to the divine power that gives us the Life Force or Ki that works all our physical and energetic body. Reiki training attunes you to that Life Force and this authentic Reiki training helps you to develop just as Dr Usui intended. With guided audio meditations, this Reiki Training will take you from the beginning of your journey and enable you to feel energies and become a channel to help heal yourself and others.


Many people believe when you are ready to embrace the principles of Reiki you will be guided to a teacher and I am glad you have been guided here. I am delighted to offer these authentic, highly connected Reiki courses. Learn Reiki and experience feelings of joy, light, unconditional love freeing your soul and helping you to move on to your true life purpose.


Reiki, in its infinite wisdom and unconditional love, seeks out the person when they need Reiki the most and then the teacher will appear - you will know who is right to teach you. I would be honoured to help you on this special journey that you are about to embark on. 


The Reiki Courses are very comprehensive and I have written an indepth manual for each Reiki Course plus a Reiki Treatment Manual so that in Reiki 1 you will have over 120 pages of background, traditional techniques, meditations, and much more. Reiki 2 and Reiki Master have their own Reiki course manuals too. These will be sent to you in advance of your course, once your full payment has been taken. You can then learn and absorb the manuals so that you are ready to receive all my expertise, practical experience, healings, the Attunement on the day. By reviewing the material in the manual in advance and having an understanding of the course content, you will get the most out of the course on the day as there is alot of energy work as well as the theory in the manual. 


Here's what one lady said about her Level 2 Reiki Course:

'I am just writing to say thank you for your marvellous training in Reiki Level 2.

It was so inspiring, supportive and an absolute joy.

I loved learning the symbols, receiving the two empowerments as well as the Attunement and being able to practice some of the other Reiki techniques with you.

Thank you again for being such a wonderful teacher.

I am so happy to have met you and look forward to further treatments and continuing to learn from you in the future.

Yours sincerely, Bell Hunt' (reflexologist)

FREE 'Increasing Your Energy' Meditation when you book our Reiki 1 Course

A Professional Comprehensive Reiki Manual and m4a audios are included with every course - Reiki 1 also includes a comprehensive Reiki Treatments manual.

The Reiki course audios can really help you to become these energies and help you to build your Reiki experience so that you can get up and running, feeling confident to use Reiki on yourself and others.

6 audio m4a are included in Reiki 1:

  • "Increasing Your Energy" Meditation   
  • Grounding & Empowerment Meditation
  • Traditional Reiki Breathing & Energising Practice
  • 5 Minute Reiki Breathing 
  • Self Healing Practice
  • History of Reiki

4 audio m4a are included in Reiki 2:

  • Daily Reiki Affirmations 
  • Distant Healing Practice
  • Symbol Self Healing
  • Symbol Healing Meditation

6 audio m4a are included in the Reiki Master Course:

  • m4a Traditional Energy Exercise
  • m4a Reiki Attunement
  • m4a Reiju Empowerment
  • m4a Reiki Timeline 
  • m4a Microcosmic Orbit Training
  • m4a Connecting with your Spirit Guides

Reiki Courses

Reiki Level 1 - click here for Reiki Level 1 Course Itinerary

Reiki Level 2 - click here for Reiki Level 2 Course Itinerary

Reiki Master Course and Reiki Teacher Level Course - Click Here


Hilary's vast experience of energy work, healing and Reiki mean that you will have access to all of her expertise with channelling energy which works remotely as well. Experience the Reiki energy for yourself and start your Reiki journey - you won't look back. These are practical courses with theory, so that you will be able to experience and know all about Reiki energy for treating others as well as using it for yourself.


Reiki Level 1 Course - rates per person - Deposit £50

Individual £195   

Remote Reiki Level 1 Course - Individual £175 


Reiki Level 2 Course - rates per person - Deposit £50

Individual £225   

Remote Reiki Level 2 Course - Individual £195 


Reiki Master Level Course - Deposit £150

Individual £475   

Remote Reiki Master Course Individual £395 


All Reiki courses are provided with a Certificate on completion of the course.

All courses are 1 day and include a comprehensive Reiki Manual & audios.

For more information on Reiki Courses, please contact us using the form below or email or call us today and take your first steps to learning Reiki.


Please read the Terms & Conditions prior to booking a Reiki course and raise any questions before booking, otherwise the Terms & Conditions will be deemed accepted.

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