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Reiki is flow of Universal Life Force, otherwise known as Chi or Prana energy that can help to relax, de-stress, and rebalance the chakras which are the portals to the physical body & the hormonal endocrine system. By helping to increase the flow of Life Force energy to the chakras, the flow of energy to the hormonal system can be influenced to help the body heal naturally. You can also choose a Chakra Balancing Treatment, to rebalance the energies to the body's hormonal system which can help to rebalance the body holistically. You can also choose more indepth Deeper Reiki Treatments which can start to release trapped energy and negative patterns on a deeper level, therefore making the result more powerful and transformational. There is also Transformational Reiki if you truly wish to take an issue in your life and transform it and bring you into a new space of new possibilities. See: Transformational Reiki Healing


Hilary can help you to release the past and create a new & positive future. She has helped areas such as relationship, divorce, work pressures, the past, trauma, bereavement and pain, post traumatic stress disorder PTSD, abuse, as well as anxiety, panic attacks, overwhelm, burnout, fatigue, emotional related anorexia and bulimia, ADHD and other extreme stress circumstances. Hilary also helps with children who are suffering from sudden onset of fears, phobias and behavioural problems. 


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Chakra Balancing 

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Reiki for Health

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Reiki Treatments

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