Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing can identify areas of weakness in the chakras and subtle bodies which could be preventing you from moving on or having an effect on your hormonal or physical body causing you symptoms. Some chakras are overstimulated and others are underperforming and affect the Life Force flow in the body. This treatment can help to restore balance of the chakras which, in turn, can impact the hormonal and physical body to help symptoms that keep reoccuring.


Chakra Balancing can bring about untold benefits into your life. The chakras are the link between your physical body and your energetic body, and for a healthy physical body it is imperative to have a healthy energetic body. One can not go without the other, it's the Law of the Universe. Therefore, it is important to give your energetic body an MOT on a regular basis.


Many people have Chakra Balancing for the first time and they are completely out of balance, which goes hand in hand with feeling odd health symptoms and lacking in focus in their life. Hilary can identify which chakras are out of balance and rebalance the chakras with Chakra Balancing. 


Hilary will also help to strengthen your chakras so that they open more fully for you - to start to receive more positive energy in your life such as abundance, prosperity, love, peace and joy giving you a feeling of fulfillment and optimism. Chakra Balancing is available as a full stand alone treatment or as part of a Deeper Reiki Treatment or Transformational Reiki Healing - see Prices

It is important to be aware that we not only have a physical body but also an 'energetic' body. In order to achieve long lasting permanent health and wellbeing it is critical to detoxify both the physical and energetic body. The physical body and the energetic body are connected by way of energy centres or chakras of which there are 7 major ones. Chakras are the interface between both the physical and the energetic body. The 7 chakras are directly related in the physical body to the endocrine glands and our hormonal system (pineal, pituitary, thyroid, female/male hormones, adrenal glands, pancreas etc) and therefore directly affect our physical health, and vice versa: if the physical body is toxic, it will mean that our energetic body is toxic too. The energetic body contains all of our subconscious beliefs and patterns which we have learnt and taken on board throughout life including those from infancy, childhood, teenage years and adulthood. Everything we have experienced has a direct effect on the present day. Sometimes, negative subconscious beliefs and patterns have built up in the energy body and cause the energetic body to be toxic. As a result, the physical body can become toxic too. Therefore, it is important to detoxify the energetic body as well as the physical body.


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