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We are entering a time of great change and there is a great deal of powerful energy around to help us heal and move on. It is time to clear the past and all the suffering and move on to new energy and of unlimited possibilities in your life. 


This Deeper Reiki healing is now called for. Reiki together with Aura Clearing and Chakra Balancing can create a powerful and quick way to clear and release blockages and hurdles in your life. 


As all physical symptoms manifest in the aura, it makes sense to heal the aura of emotional and mental baggage, that can sometimes be the cause of physical ailments.


Childhood trauma or upset can be healed too, so that you do not have to repeat upsetting situations in your life. Family situations can be healed and stressful workplace upset can be released so that you can attract a life that is happy and healthy.


The Law of Attraction is waiting for you to tap into it, but this can not happen if you are always coming from upset or fears from the past. By clearing the aura, the chakras can be fully rebalanced and opened, bringing in miraculous energies to take you on the next step of your exciting journey. 


What is the difference between Reiki and Deeper Reiki ?


The basic Reiki channels in Universal energy whereas Deeper Reiki (and the Transformational Treatments) involves the channelling of specific higher energies to help release blockages in the aura and the chakras therefore helping with emotional blockages, stress related issues, hormonal health, life direction, bereavement, etc. Deeper Reiki involves clearing the aura whereas the basic Reiki does not - Reiki only works on the chakras and not the aura hence why Deeper Reiki is more powerful. 


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Deeper Reiki - £65 - see Prices


Deeper Reiki Healing with Nutrition Advice


Hilary is one of the top Nutritionists in the UK and has helped over 7,000 people successfully who had IBS, severe skin problems, stress related health concerns, anxiety, depression, diarrhoea, consipation, etc. The reason she started doing Reiki was to help her Nutrition clients. This treatment is not a full Nutrition Consultation as this is very indepth and could be booked seperately (£125 It will, however, bring in all the relevant factors to help you understand your health concern and look at its root causes and along with the healing will help you at a profound level.

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