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'Morning Hilary! Just to say thank you for last night, I feel great today!' Fiona G (Fiona had been feeling anxiety, depression, insomnia for a while, text me this after a nutrition and reiki/healing session). Click Here for more Testimonials.

Over 20 years ago, Hilary first came upon Reiki and other healing techniques for herself and quickly realised that it could help underlying stress which was causing alot of her clients ongoing health concerns. As one of the leading Nutritionists in the UK, she now uses both Reiki and Healing, with all her Nutrition knowledge and expertise. She has helped people with issues from IBS to headaches, fatigue, food intolerances, skin concerns and hair loss to anxiety, panic and depression. A combined approach to health in a more 'holistic' way can be very powerful. The synergy of Reiki and professional Nutritional advice can generate quick results that can improve your way of life. - see Prices


Reiki and Nutrition £125.00 

This treatment combines Reiki healing with professional Nutritional advice from Harley Street Nutritionist, Hilary Kingston. Often symptoms of anxiety, exhaustion, burnout, overwhelm, feeling blue, fatigue, gut and digestive issues, skin concerns and so on, can be contributed to by certain underlying factors. With Hilary's expert help, working at a core level, she will give you an overview of key areas for you to work on. This treatment combines is a highly professional nutrition advice with a Reiki treatment.

Reiki and Stress

Exhaustion, overwhelm, depression, feeling blue, headaches, anxiety are all signs that the body is being put under too much pressure. Reiki can help to rebalance the body to alleviate some of ths pressure. However, the body phsiologically is also impacted and certain areas can need addressing. As a Nutritionist with over 20 years experience, Hilary can see the whole picture, holistically, and help  to rebalance your body. Certain stress hormones can be directly impacting you and thee need to be addressed as they can impact the gut and digestion contributing to IBS, Chrohns, bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, constipation. The skin too can be impacted leading to excema, rashes, dry skin, psoriasis and so on.

Reiki and Pain

All types of pain can be trapped emotional pain in the etheric body from the mental/emotional energy bodies. This impacts the physical body and can manifest as back pain, sciatica, headaches, migraines, stomach pain, IBS, neck pain, shoulder and neck trapped nerves and arthritis. 
Reiki can help to release thought patterns or emotional blockages at a core level which changes your energy field and impacts your physical body. In this way, profound transformation can occur. As the underlying issue is released, the body can start to self heal and realign itself with more positive energy.

If you are suffering with any type of pain or stress related health concern, get in touch today and see how Reiki and Nutrition can help you.

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