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Your longing for a different way, a different life or one with less stress, is your soul speaking to you, nudging you to change things. Hilary has helped so many people to live in the direction that their soul is searching for and in turn, releasing, unrest, pain, upset, sadness, frustration and unhappiness. In place of struggle, you can have a more enriching and fulfilling life, bringing abundance, peace and happiness.


Transformational Healing is a profound way to cause long lasting change and transformation in your life very quickly. All you have to be, is willing for transformation to happen. 


Channeling Ascended Masters, Archangels and other high level energies to cause transformation in your life, Hilary will help to release blockages, clear the aura, rebalance the chakras, in several waves of healing. Once you have released the past, Hilary can help you to set up new patterns and distinguish new ways of being that can bring you your hearts desire. 


Transformational Healing can transform your life within moments as it can releases old attachments, repeated patterns, childhood upset, emotional baggage and negative thought patterns that can influence your behaviour and therefore your actions. Transformational Healing loosen your ties from the past so that you are free to move forward with your life, in the direction you want. If you don't know the direction you want to go in, that's ok as all will be come clearer as you move through any blockages. 


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Indepth Transformational Reiki Healing 


This is powerful healing session and will bring transformation into your life. This is the start of your shift to a higher, more positive level for you. Channelling Reiki as well as other higher energies such as Archangels, Angelic Light, Ascended Masters, Goddess energies, medicine Buddha, etc, it will help to manifest the releasing and healing that you require to move on in your life. It also includes Aura Healing + Clearing & Rebalancing your Chakras + Releasing Indepth Blockages and Old Patterns. 


Transformational Reiki Healing plus Holistic Counselling 

For relationship problems, Bereavement, Grief, Life Changes, Work problems, etc


This is a very profound, holistic treatment for issues that you still can't seem to breakthrough or shift. It helps to clear and transform you at a core level. Many people try this treatment when all other avenues have failed to make the change. Hilary incorporates a wealth of expertise and experience to bring about transformation and change in your life. This is a powerful treatment session, that includes some Holistic Counselling and guidance from a variety of Spirit Guides & helpers (see above) to help manifest transformation for you.

There is no need to stay feeling stuck, negative or upset, contact us today at to get help and transform your life to one that you really love and enjoy. 

Here are some areas successfully helped:

  • negative relationships
  • problems in personal relationships
  • unresolved family related patterns
  • work related problems with colleagues
  • life direction and transformation
  • feeling there is more to your life
  • job you no longer enjoy
  • communication issues
  • trauma, shock & post traumatic shock
  • bereavement
  • fears
  • overwhelm
  • negative emotions
  • distress and upset
  • unhappiness or apathy
  • depression
  • post natal depression
  • anxiety & stress
  • panic attacks
  • weight gain and weight loss
  • stress related hair loss
  • stress related skin problems: rashes, eczema & psoriasis
  • stress related digestive problems & IBS, stomach pains, etc
  • hormonal imbalances
  • infertility & subfertility
  • low libido
  • anorexia and bulimia
  • headaches and migraines
  • exhaustion
  • fatigue
  • burnout
  • joint pain & back pain

One example of Transformational Reiki Healing is a little russian boy, 5 years old, who would not be close to his mum, and who even hit her and was uncontrollable. After just one session of Transformational Reiki Healing and aura cleansing, released extreme negativity and dark energies around him, and became a loving son, literally overnight. The next day she was absolutely astonished at the difference & after so many years, the little boy had given her cuddles and she could give to him as she wanted to as a mother.

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