'Dear Hilary, I just wanted to say Thank You, Rachel has really benefited from seeing you and is feeling much better.' Berni


'I just wanted to say thank you! I'm feeling much better since I saw you yesterday.'  Rima


'Hello Hilary, just want to say thank you, am over the moon since our conversation and healing and got what I really wanted, it's a big thank you.' Kamran


'I loved today’s session. I am feeling brighter again so that heavy energy is definitely shifting.' Joanne, Rutland


'My son Jeremy was so impressed with the reiki treatment yesterday he has told his half sister and now she wants to have reiki, when can Hilary fit her in ?' 


'You have made me feel safe and worthy again, you are a special person, bless you.' Emma


'I'm coping so much better now, and the situation is getting better and not affecting me. I see the positive way now thanks to the healing and your understanding.' Jenny


I just wanted to say thank you! I'm feeling much better'.  Rima, Leicester


'I am feeling so much better since I came to you last Thursday, I don't know what you do, but you have a gift!' Suzanne


'Thanks a million for all the help you have given me.' Georgea


'Thank you so much for the amazing healing today - I feel better than I remember - seriously! so much less anxious - no idea what you do but it's like magic and you've an amazing gift'. 


'Hi Hilary - well I’m having an amazing week - Ive no idea what you did on Friday but whatever it was its working!  I can’t wait to tell you this Friday!.'


'Ah thank you so much.  that session was amazing - i can still feel the energy now...something definitely shifted/left - I feel stronger - and can’t wait until our next session. You are amazing'. 


'Your healing has literally changed my life, thank you xxxxx' Dina (Depression), London


'I realise now, looking back, that I was very, very depressed and I just couldn't cope. Your empathy and knowledge have changed my life.’ Lucy,  London

'Its always the day after, I wake up and feel completely different after your healing and the problems I had have gone away - miraculous ! Your a star! ' Amanda Ralph, M.E & Fibromyalgia client, to full recovery and is now an excellent therapist herself.


'Before I met Hilary I had no belief or previous experience in the power of reiki or energy healing. Today I had my first healing session with Hilary which she told me was about healing my aura in order to attract more positive experiences and people into my life - and boy did it work! I've had a pretty miraculous day and all the deals that I needed to have come about have literally done so all day long. So now I can't wait to see what happens after my next healing session!! I definitely give Hilary a 10/10, pretty amazing.' Steve, Leicester


I've noticed I've been feeling happier and lighter, thank you so much'. Mandeep


'Started reiki with Hilary on a trial basis and it changed my life! I found the balance and inner peace I was looking for. Have to say that I went through a personal transformation journey with Hilary and now I feel amazing! Definitely something to try and keep in your life. Hilary is an amazing person and very very gifted!!! She has a great energy! Thank you very much, I am so grateful for this experience and journey!' Ionna, London


'Morning Hilary! Just to say thank you for last night, I feel great today!' Fiona G (had been feeling anxiety, depression, insomnia for a while, text me this after a nutrition and reiki/healing session) 


One example is a little russian boy, 5 years old, who would not be close to his mum, and who even hit her and was uncontrollable. After just one session of healing and aura cleansing, released extreme negativity and dark energies around him, and became a loving son, literally overnight. The next day she was absolutely astonished at the difference & after so many years, the little boy had given her cuddles and she could give to him as she wanted to as a mother.


'I have great news - will tell you tmorrow when I see you - you ARE a miracle worker.' (a traumatic situation completely cleared up after healing the root cause, this lady literally transformed after a very short time, and i'm so happy she is able to now get on with her life).


'I hope this helps others - my dad found out about Hilary and she helped me so much and now I have put weight on and eating sensibly how Hilary has told me to. I'm really happy and she is a lovely person.' Libby (had anorexia), London


'On the day I came to see Hilary I had severe anxiety and I suffer with agraphobia, Hilary did some Reiki for me and after she'd finished it had completely gone away!.' Elaine, Leicester


'I really appreciate all your help, you have helped me massively, thank you.'

Monty, Leicester


'My stress has gone done by 50% since last week when I saw Hilary for Reiki and life coaching. It's far exceeded my expectations and helped me where psychotherapists, councellors and hypnotherapists have not managed to!' Ali, Leicester 


Hi Hilary, I just wanted to text you to say I had the best nights sleep I have had in ages last night and I am sure it was down to your healing!' Kerry, Blackheath, London


'I had never been able to cuddle my son because he was hyperactive (ADHD) and Hilary suggested healing and an anti Candida plan and after only one month I sat and read him a story with him cuddled up to me and for this I will forever be grateful to Hilary. She went out on a limb to help me, thank you so much.' Vanessa, Blackheath, London


'Since the Reiki and Nutrition, the anxiety has gone and the depression lessened considerably. I have set the medication aside again and am sleeping much better. I have kept up the diet and the supplements, my constipation has eased too, which is a relief. I really do believe the process you started has benefitted me. In the past week I have been comfortable in my skin in a way I haven't been for almost a year. I can't thank you enough for your care and guidance'. (preferred name to be withheld)


Many therapists, including osteopaths have worked on my back but you sorted it out in one session. Thank you.(relief!)."  Mr Rodgers, Business Traveller & Hotel Guest


"The reiki massage was so relaxing and peaceful - a truly tranquil experience!"   'Hotel Secret Shopper' - Marriott Spa, London 


"Magical healing hands for my back - pain gone!"  Mr Begar, Marriott Hotels & Executive apartments, E14


"How do you best describe bliss? the reiki massage was amazing"   Tony Watkins, Conference Attendee


"I would like to highly recommend Hilary's work. She gave me a wonderful Reiki massage and non surgical face lift facial that made me feel like a new woman."  Dr Bernadette Lynch


"I have travelled all around the world and stayed at 5 star hotels, but I have never experienced such a wonderful Reiki massage as I have here at the Marriott with Hilary."  Rolph Balgobin, Head of Business School & Hotel Guest.


"You can feel the healing happening. I've had massages all around the world and never had such a good massage and care, as I received here. I also received Nutritional advice and my bloating went within days."  Adrian, Marketing Director, Big Red Frog Company


Best massage, ever!  Charlene, Dancer


‘Please accept my sincerest 'thank you' for the outstanding help you have provided. I have been very impressed with the results and feel happy about the progress made. It has been a very important milestone indeed. Let us talk in January to follow up, with best regards, Ulrich.'


'No-one else could help me. I've been to every consultant I can at Moorfields and i've been to my doctor's so many times. In 6 weeks you have got rid of my problem with Nutrition and Reiki, I'm very happy & relieved!' 


‘I can’t believe that in 5 minutes you have explained why my hair is falling out and the doctors can’t, so glad I came to you for Reiki and now you have helped me with all your knowledge of the body and Nutrition. A big thank you to you Hilary’, J. Leicester


'I realise now, looking back, that I was very, very depressed and I just couldn't cope. Your empathy and knowledge have changed my life.’ Melanie


Hi Hilary, I really found my visit to you very informative and feel much more positive and feel you can help me and things can change, Thank you.' Kerry


'Hilary is really easy to talk to. I quickly  found myself opening up and spoke to her on a personal level. Never felt judged, it just felt right..we can sort this. Hilary deals with mind, body and soul, we forget that these are connected and make a huge impact. Shes special indeed I name her SuperHils!' Monty, Leicester

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