Holistic Counselling

Holistic Counselling is a process of self realisation, to help you to become aware of situations or behaviour in your life that no longer serve you. Whether it is a person directing behaviour at you that you know makes you upset, or a situation at home or work that is making you unhappy, this therapy can really help to transform your life.


Inorder to bring in the new energies and really create the life that you really want, you first need to clear out the old energies. Holistic Counselling can help to release the past, effectively without the need for hours of talking and going round in circles. Rather than the past holding them back, they feel a new lease of life, energised and full of purpose. Often people lose weight or feel more attractive, more confident and healthier as a result of releasing old negative patterns and baggage from the past.


Holistic Counselling takes the 'whole' you into account and when combined with a powerful Holistic Healing treatment it can release blockages, old patterns and beliefs buried deep in the subconscious.


Hilary Kingston offers a holistic approach with her knowledge built up over 25 years in helping people. Holistic Counselling is an empathetic, holistic therapy to help unravel lifes problems. Some situations can seem often overwhelming and can cause stress at particular times in our lives. Often it is hard to know who to turn to, and it can feel quite isolating. Hilary offers a safe environment and an empathetic ear and helps you to move through your situation to feel less stress, upset, pain or hurt.


Hilary's years of training means that she can help you get to the root of the problem, and many have commented on her natural ability to help problems profoundly and transform a persons life, situations and families forever. She can help you to transform the past which will give you a new future, full of possibilities and a renewed sense of hope, peace and achievement. 


If you are getting little success with moving through your problems, then give Hilary a call and see how Holistic Counselling can cut through the layers and bring about transformation in your life.


  • negative relationships
  • problems in personal relationships
  • unresolved family related patterns
  • work related problems with colleagues
  • life direction and transformation
  • feeling there is more to your life
  • job you no longer enjoy
  • communication issues
  • trauma, shock & post traumatic shock
  • bereavement
  • fears
  • overwhelm
  • negative emotions
  • distress and upset
  • unhappiness or apathy
  • depression
  • post natal depression
  • anxiety & stress
  • panic attacks

Holistic Counselling Treatments

Holistic Counselling 

Holistic Counselling works with the whole person helping you to see through old patterns and blockages. It also combines counselling with optional techniques such as breathing, meditations or visualisations to help you during the week at home. This is designed as a weekly regular treatment



Holistic Counselling and Holistic Healing Treatment

This is a self realisation session to help the release of issues and concerns in your life. Using Holistic Counselling techniques with Holistic Healing, it works on the priority issues coming up in your life. This session can help to clear past mental or emotional blocks that you may not even know are stopping you in your life. Deep subconscious blocks can define your life, your behaviour and your actions and releasing them can transform your life. This is designed as a stand alone treatment or has proven to be extremely successful as a regular weekly treatment to get you back into a place of empowerment.



Transformational Healing, with Holistic Counselling and Visualisation techniques advice for stress, for a specific concern eg, Fertility, Bereavement, Recurrent Miscarriage, Stress related Illness 


A very specialist holistic treatment for issues that you can not get help with conventionally and brings in a variety of treatments to help you clear and transform at a core level. Bringing in a wealth of expertise, this is a highly professional and powerful treatment session.


Call or email today and Hilary will be very glad to help you through your troubles, whatever they may be.


Here are some testimonials from a lady whom, through this process, has literally transformed every week and within a few weeks she has completely transformed her life. I am exceedingly proud of her and what she has achieved.


'I have great news - will tell you tmorrow when I see you - you ARE a miracle worker.' (a traumatic situation completely cleared up after healing the root cause, this lady literally transformed after a very short time, and i'm so happy she is able to now get on with her life).


'Thank you so much for the amazing healing today - I feel better than I remember - seriously! So much less anxious - no idea what you do but it's like magic and you've an amazing gift'. 


'Hi Hilary - well I’m having an amazing week - Ive no idea what you did on Friday but whatever it was its working!  I can’t wait to tell you on Friday!.' 


'Ah thank you so much.  that session was amazing - i can still feel the energy now...something definitely shifted/left - I feel stronger - and can’t wait until our next session. You are amazing'. 

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