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Angel Healing

Angel Healing and Linking to your Angelic Guide is a one to one session that specifically works with the Angels and Archangels and identifies which Angels, or a specific Archangel, are ready to link to you. This session will help you to access this energy for powerful healing in your own life so that you can use it day to day for youself and to help your friends and family. 


There is also a powerful angel healing to clear your aura, rebalance you and open your chakras ready to link to your Angelic Guides.


Hilary has a powerful connection to the higher realms of the Archangels and is able to connect you to the Angels or a specific Archangel guide which can help you in your life right now. Many experience an immediate relief and feeling of peace and safety when they have been connected to their Archangel guide. She will also introduce you to certain techniques that you can do at home to keep you connectd to your Archangel.


Linking to Your Angelic Guide - £125 

This is a advanced treatment and may require some preparation if you have not done any form of healing or Reiki before


Below is an extract that describes how Angel Healing works:

“When you call upon Angels we do not come from somewhere else to be with you; we are present with you always and eternally. It is not really the way it is represented in paintings of Angels descending from heaven to you. When you call upon us, what is really happening is that you are calling upon your own awareness, perceptions, and consciousness to be receptive to us. Be aware that your level of belief in us does not determine our willingness or our power to work with you. Even if you have only a glimmering of belief, if you ask for help you shall receive it.” - The Archangels

Angel Healing can help clear the mind, bring in a higher consciousness of thoughts, so that you have more 'light bulb' moments in your life; more ideas; more creativity and insights. It can help increase your magnetism for true prosperity and free you from self-imposed limitations. It can help you to be more open to receiving love, abundance, prosperity, joy and peace. In short, it's all those lovely feelings and experiences that make you feel on top of the world.

Link to Your Angel and Transform Your Life

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